Our Wines

Walnut Ridge is a LIVE certified, Salmon Safe producer of fine Oregon pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay, gamay noir and sauvignon blanc.


From the outset, we have sold our grapes to several Oregon wineries. We believe it important to be diversified as the market for Oregon wine continues its evolution. We also believe it important to do business with wineries that share our values and philosophies. History has proven the effectiveness of these beliefs.

As many predicted and despite our continued opposition, we embarked on the next logical extension of our dream, the transformation of our grapes into wine. To achieve this next step we became business partners with our long time customer and good friend Jerry Sass of Sass Winery in Salem, Oregon. Jerry has been making exceptional, high value wine for many years including several with the Walnut Ridge Vineyard designation.

It is our objective to produce estate wines from the grapes of our Walnut Ridge and Wild Winds vineyards. We’re getting close! Our Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay is produced entirely from estate grown grapes. Our new plantings of Pinot Blanc and Riesling will in in production in the next few years.


2015 Sass Estate Pinot Gris: Fruit from our estate vineyards, Wild Winds and Walnut Ridge. Flavors and aromas of apple, pear and pie spice finish with a bit of citrus zing. Fresh, bright, fruit-forward with mineral complexity. At harvest: Brix – 23.4-24; pH – 3.30-3.35; TA – 6-6.8  At bottling: alc. – 13.6; pH – 3.33. 850 cases made.

2016 Riesling, Walnut Ridge Vineyard: Bright. This is a dry Riesling that’s ready for food or summer sipping. Great structure and lingering finish. At harvest: Brix – 22.3; pH – 3.30; TA – 6.6. At bottling: alc – 13.4; pH – .  cases made.

2014 Sass Pinot Blanc: Rich and racy, with pear, white peach, citrus peel, floral notes  and a touch of tropical richness. Silky texture; lingering finish. Fermented in neutral French oak barrels; lees stirred weekly during fermentation. At harvest: Brix – 21.8-22.8; pH – 3.35-3.37;  At bottling: alc. – 13.2; pH – 3.39. 190 cases made.

2015 Sass Estate Chardonnay, Walnut Ridge Vineyard: A mouthful of russet apples and pears with a racy citrus zing underlying a velvety texture and lingering finish. Richness with perfect acidity.  Barrel-femented in neutral French oak and stainless steel. At harvest: Brix – 22.6; pH – 3.31; TA – 5.8. At bottling: alc. – 13.6; pH – 3.31. 300 cases made.

2015 Sass Sauvignon Blanc, Walnut Ridge Vineyard: Some tropical fruit flavors of guava or passion fruit and citrus notes with spicy minerality and floral aromas. Elegance and a crisp balance. . At harvest: Brix – 23.8; pH – 3.18; TA – 7.4. At bottling: alc. – 13.3; pH – 3.18. 80 cases made.

2016 Gamay Noir Rosé, Walnut Ridge Vineyard: Sweet cherry-red raspberry and violet aromas with flavors of berry and juicy cherries with a crisp, long finish and the grip of a light red wine. Whole clusters were left in the press for three hours of skin contact, resulting in a light ruby color, then settled for a day and fermented cold in two small stainless steel tanks. At harvest: Brix – 24; pH – 3.12;  TA – 6.8. At bottling: alc. – 13.1% ; pH – 3.3. 68 cases made.

2014 Sass Estate Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley: Dark fruit (blackberry, black cherry) notes with elegant red-cherry brightness; white pepper spice and truffly earth underneath; fine tannin, silky texture, lingering finish. At harvest: Brix – 22.6-23.4; pH – 3.3-3.45; At bottling: alc. – 13.8; pH – 3.52. 3,100 cases made.

2010 Sass Estate Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis: Dark, juicy black raspberry with white pepper and earth on the nose, silky, mature tannin and great balance. An equal percentage of the best barrels from our two estate vineyards. At harvest: Brix – 21.8-23.2; pH – 3.28-3.45; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.55. 275 cases made.

2011 Sass Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis: Ripe raspberry and black cherry with wild cherry  from the start, teasing floral aromas, some peppery spice and silky texture. Tannins are mature and fine-grained, and the finish never seems to stop. It’ll age gracefully for years. All estate fruit. This is one of the most exciting wines we’ve ever made. Brix – 21.6-23.3 pH – 3.22-3.35; At bottling: alc. –  13.6;  pH – 3.50. 275 cases made.

2012 Sass Pinot Noir, Walnut Ridge Vineyard: Deep aromas and flavors of blackberry, dark sweet cherry and earth. From a vintage that produced full-bodied, well-balanced wines, this is 100 percent from our Walnut Ridge  Vineyard. Fine-grained, mature tannins with great mouthfeel. Brix – 22.8-23.8; pH – 3.36-3.48; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.55. 100 cases made.

2012 Sass Pinot Noir, Walnut Ridge Vineyard, Emma: This wine fills a room with its deep, dark-fruit, spicy, earthy aromatics. It’s the biggest wine we’ve made from our estate Walnut Ridge Vineyard, with flavors of black cherry, blackberry and truffles. Fine, smooth tannins, velvety texture and wonderful balance. Brix – 23.8; pH – 3.36; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.56. 100 cases made.

2013 Sass Estate Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis: Pretty fruit abounds in this pinot noir purist’s wine – cherry and black raspberry with a little pepper and earth. Silky, mature tannin and great balance. The best barrels from our two estate vineyards. At harvest: Brix – 20.4-22.8; pH – 3.28-3.51; At bottling: alc. –  13.4;  pH – 3.55. 150 cases made.